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We'll need all hands on deck to pass a transformative regional transit funding measure. Here are some resources you can use to educate and inspire your organization's members.

SB 1031 Summary Blurb

Use this summary in your organization's newsletter or website.

[ORG NAME] is a member of Voices for Public Transportation, a coalition that is advocating for sustainable and progressive sources of funding to transform transit in the Bay Area. We are excited that Senators Wiener and Wahab have introduced a bill (SB 1031) in the CA legislature to authorize the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to put a measure on the ballot in 2026. Right now VPT is proposing amendments to make sure the bill is as strong as possible to achieve our goals.

Proposed Amendments

Our amendments are outlined in a position letter to legislators. We are asking to ensure a guaranteed minimum for transit, a goal for service that exceeds current levels, limits to highway expansions, and additional progressive revenue sources.

More Resources

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